What Happens on Sunday Morning?


Visiting a new church can sometimes be intimidating. Just to ease any worries, we've answered some common questions ahead of time:


What should I wear?

Suits and ties are welcome, but you won't see many of them. In fact, you might not see any of them, but if that's what you want to wear, no one will mind. In fact, no one will mind whatever your style is.


How would you describe your service?

Our service begins at 10:00 am, though the music may start a little earlier than that. Our music is contemporary, and when we sing older songs and hymns, they are usually in a contemporary arrangement.


Our service officially begins with a song of entrance as we recognize that we are coming into God's special presence. After an opening acclamation - that's a responsive declaration that we are assembled to worship - there will be a greeting and opening prayer. There may be a Scripture reading - usually a Psalm - and if it is responsive, your part will be clearly indicated on the screen above the worship leadership team.


We will then enter into an extended time of worship through song. You may see some people gather toward the front of the church. We also have some flags of different colors that people will wave. Some people will raise their hands in worship. Some people will stand the whole time. Some people will sit the whole time. We like to think of it as orderly spontaneity. The important thing is that no one has to do anything. People express themselves to God in worship in different ways.


Often during the singing, there will be opportunities for those with spiritual or physical needs to receive prayer from one of our prayer teams. We believe the Church is a place for the healing of soul and body. We anoint with oil as a sign that it is the Holy Spirit Who heals. We often see people healed instanteously and miraculously. Sometimes there will be a pause in the music for someone to give a brief exhortation or share something they believe God would have them tell the congregation at that moment.


At the end of the worship through song, we receive the offering. We don't pass baskets or plates. We have one basket at the front, and those who have something to give place it in the basket. You should not feel any obligation to give.


Before the sermon, any announcements are made and we always sing Happy Birthday to anyone celebrating that week.


Then we have a message usually brought by one of the leadership, though we frequently have guest speakers.


We come to the front to receive Communion. After receiving the Body of Christ, you may partake of the Blood of Christ in the common cup, or we have individual cups, some with wine and some with grape juice. Don't worry, we'll tell you which are which. There will also be at least one prayer team available during Communion. We take Communion joyfully and reverently. Communion is open to all who have been baptized into Christ.


The service concludes with a blessing before we leave to take Christ out into the world, but if you have time, please stay to chat afterwords so we can get to know you better!